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A difficult year… so keep on keeping on.

Journal article

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Genetically personalised organ-specific metabolic models in health and disease.

Journal article

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Whole-exome sequencing identifies rare genetic variants associated with human plasma metabolites.

Journal article

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Immune disease variants modulate gene expression in regulatory CD4+ T cells.

Journal article

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Lead exposure in children

Journal article

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Interventions using mobile devices (phones, smart phones, or tablets) to improve adherence to treatment for HIV or tuberculosis

Journal article

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2021: That was the year that was.

Journal article

Roberts DJ., (2021), Transfus Med, 31, 393 - 394

A genome-wide meta-analysis yields 46 new loci associating with biomarkers of iron homeostasis

Journal article

Bell S. et al, (2021), Communications Biology, 4

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