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PURPOSE: Cardiac abnormalities are common in patients with acromegaly, contributing to the increased morbidity and mortality. Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) is the gold standard for measuring cardiac morpho-functional changes. This study aims to detect cardiac alterations in acromegaly through CMR, even when the disease is adequately controlled. METHODS: In this, multicentre, case-control study, we compared consecutive patients with acromegaly, cured after surgery or requiring medical treatment, with matched controls recruited among patients harbouring non-functioning adrenal incidentalomas. RESULTS: We included 20 patients with acromegaly (7 females, mean age 50 years) and 17 controls. Indexed left ventricular-end-diastolic volume (LV-EDVi) and LV-end-systolic volume (LV-ESVi) were higher in patients than in controls (p 

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Acromegaly, Cardiac magnetic resonance, Cardiomyopathy, Growth hormone, IGF1, Myocardial hypertrophy