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Sten Jacobsen

Bass Professor of Developmental and Stem Cell Biology

The long-term goal of the research programme of the Jacobsen laboratory is to unravel the normal cellular pathways of lineage commitment from haematopoietic stem cells to lineage-restricted progenitors, during embryonic development as well as in adult haematopoiesis. This knowledge combined with molecular profiling of each stage in the lineage commitment process will be applied towards a better understanding of the key molecular determinants of normal lineage commitment. Moreover, it will form the basis for modelling the impact of collaborating mutations at distinct stages of lineage commitment, and to identify key molecular events in the transformation from normal to malignant haematopoiesis. This work will be complemented by tracking the fate of pre-leukaemic and leukaemic stem cells in patients during the natural course of haematopoietic disease and in response to targeted therapies.

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