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Matt Neville


Oxford Biobank Coordinator

I am the Oxford Biobank Coordinator primarily responsible for curation of the Oxford Biobank (OBB) genetic resource and facilitator of recruit-by-genotype and recruit-by-phenotype translational research studies available to the Metabolic Research Group (MRG), the larger research community and Industry.  My primary research interests focus on understanding the genetic determinants of body fat distribution and how this may impact, and be utilised to improve, the health consequences of obesity. Other duties include primary genetic data interrogator and analyst for the MRG, DPhil student supervisor and Chair of the senior academic faculty for the OCDEM building. 

I completed my DPhil in 2000 in human molecular genetics (Ox) followed by 2 years of R&D in industry (TWT, Madison, Wisconsin, US) working on marketable novel genetic assay systems.  Previous research has included the contribution of genetics to smoking addiction and cessation within the General Practice Research group (Ox) and collaborations within the Department of Gastroenterology (Ox), imputing extended HLA haplotypes for association studies with autoimmune diseases such as Irritable Bowel Disease and Behçet's disease.  In 2003 I became a Postdoctoral Researcher with Prof Fredrik Karpe investigating the genetics of adipose tissue function and the adverse consequences of obesity and type II Diabetes.  As a progression from my previous roles within the MRG and the Oxford Biobank I took on the BRC funded position of Oxford Biobank Coordinator in 2012.