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David Cruz Hernandez

B.A Chemistry. B.S Molecular and Cellular Biology. M.S Stem Cell Biology

DPhil Student


Subarna Sinha, Daniel Thomas, Steven Chan, Yang Gao, Diede Brunen, Damoun Torabi, Andreas Reinisch, David Cruz Hernandez, Andy Chan, Erinn B. Rankin, Rene Bernards, Ravindra Majeti, David L. Dill. Systematic discovery of mutation-specific synthetic lethals by mining pan-cancer human primary tumor dataNature Communications, 2017; 8: 15580


Andreas Reinisch, David Cruz Hernandez, Katharina Schallmoser, Ravindra Majeti. Generation and Use of a Humanized Bone Marrow Ossicle for Human Hematopoietic Xenotransplantation. Nature Protocols, 2017; 12: 2169–2188


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David Cruz Hernandez and Paresh Vyas. Oncogenic Drivers and Development.  Cancer Discov 2019;9:1653–5