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Top view of glass-roofed atrium with person going up stairs.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, this year's RDM symposium, scheduled to take place on Monday 23 March at the Mathematical Institute in Oxford, is cancelled 

The annual RDM symposium brings together researchers, staff and students from across RDM to celebrate the diverse research being done at the department, and over 300 people attended last year. This was therefore a difficult decision to make.

However, in light of the UK government announcement that people with even mild symptoms will be asked to self-isolate shortly, we felt that attendance at the symposium is likely to be seriously affected, and the networking opportunity offered by the large attendance is a key part of our symposium’s value. At the same time, the department also does not want to expose people who do attend to avoidable risk, given that the number of coronavirus cases is predicted to go up.

Our thanks to everybody who registered and submitted an abstract – the symposium abstract booklet and programme will shortly be available online, and if you have a finished poster that you were planning to bring to the symposium, please email a PDF or a word document of the poster to we will be putting these up on the RDM website, in a section accessible with a University log-on.

We would encourage everybody who was planning to attend the symposium to to have a look at this online material, and get in touch directly with researchers whose work you find of interest. We will shortly be circulating further information about this via the RDM weekly bulletin. 

We are also exploring ways of presenting the excellent work done by our graduate prize winners, whose presentation at the symposium is one of its highlights.

The RDM symposium will return next year, when we will once again be bringing researchers, students, facilities and support staff together to network, find out about how we’re making the department a better place to work and  foster excellent research, and highlight the world-class research happening at the department.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email RDM communications