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Congratulations to Prof Andrew Wilkie who has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Picture of Prof Andrew Wilkie.
Prof Andrew Wilkie

Prof Wilkie is the Nuffield Professor of Pathology at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine and a member of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine. His investigates the mechanisms underlying human congenital disorders, particularly those affecting the skeletal system. In 1995 he discovered the cause of Apert syndrome, a severe condition characterised by craniosynostosis (early closure of the cranial sutures) and syndactyly (fusion between the digits) of the hands and feet. He has also made major contributions to the role of telomere dynamics in congenital anomalies, and many of his findings have led to the development of diagnostic tests in clinical use today.

"This is a huge achievement and a well deserved recognition of Andrew's pioneering work" said Prof Hugh Watkins, Head of RDM.