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We are hosting a ‘Handling difficult conversations’ training course. This short course is about difficult conversations, why we avoid them, why we probably shouldn’t and what we can do to turn a difficult conversation into a genuine dialogue.

Picture of two men having a conversation.

By the end of the session, run by the Oxford Learning Institute, you will have:

  •          Considered what it is that makes you regard a conversation as difficult
  •          Appreciated what is actually happening in a difficult conversation
  •          Worked through a framework for planning and having a difficult conversation
  •          Practised the skills involved

The sessions are on:
20 February, 1.30-4.30pm WIMM Conference Room [NOW SOLD OUT]
23 February, 1.30-4.30pm OCDEM Lecture Theatre
First come, first served. Places are limited, so please book early by emailing Felicity Green.

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