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Somatostatin secretion by Na+-dependent Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release in pancreatic delta-cells.

Journal article

Vergari E. et al, (2020), Nat Metab, 2, 32 - 40

Glucose stimulates somatostatin secretion in pancreatic δ-cells by cAMP-dependent intracellular Ca2+ release.

Journal article

Denwood G. et al, (2019), J Gen Physiol, 151, 1094 - 1115

Dysregulation of Glucagon Secretion by Hyperglycemia-Induced Sodium-Dependent Reduction of ATP Production.

Journal article

Knudsen JG. et al, (2019), Cell Metab, 29, 430 - 442.e4

α-cell glucokinase suppresses glucose-regulated glucagon secretion.

Journal article

Basco D. et al, (2018), Nat Commun, 9

Mutant Mice With Calcium-Sensing Receptor Activation Have Hyperglycemia That Is Rectified by Calcilytic Therapy.

Journal article

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Functional identification of islet cell types by electrophysiological fingerprinting.

Journal article

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Glucagon secretion from pancreatic α-cells.

Journal article

Briant L. et al, (2016), Ups J Med Sci, 121, 113 - 119

Alpha-, Delta- and PP-cells: Are They the Architectural Cornerstones of Islet Structure and Co-ordination?

Journal article

Brereton MF. et al, (2015), J Histochem Cytochem, 63, 575 - 591

Na+ current properties in islet α- and β-cells reflect cell-specific Scn3a and Scn9a expression.

Journal article

Zhang Q. et al, (2014), J Physiol, 592, 4677 - 4696

Reversible changes in pancreatic islet structure and function produced by elevated blood glucose

Journal article

Brereton MF. et al, (2014), DIABETOLOGIA, 57, S93 - S93

MicroRNA-7a regulates pancreatic β cell function.

Journal article

Latreille M. et al, (2014), J Clin Invest, 124, 2722 - 2735

Insulin prevents counter-regulatory glucagon secretion by stimulation of somatostatin release

Conference paper

Rorsman P. et al, (2013), DIABETOLOGIA, 56, S243 - S244

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