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Regulation and inhibition of the DNA sensor cGAS.

Journal article

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Mutations in COPA lead to abnormal trafficking of STING to the Golgi and interferon signaling.

Journal article

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Redox homeostasis maintained by GPX4 facilitates STING activation.

Journal article

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Enhanced immunogenicity of mitochondrial-localized proteins in cancer cells.

Conference paper

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RIG-I-like receptors: their regulation and roles in RNA sensing.

Journal article

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Enhanced immunogenicity of mitochondrial localised proteins in cancer cells

Journal article

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cGAMP loading enhances the immunogenicity of VLP vaccines

Journal article

Chauveau L. et al, (2020)

Nucleic Acid Sensors and Programmed Cell Death

Journal article

Maelfait J. et al, (2019), Journal of Molecular Biology

Deoxyguanosine is a TLR7 agonist.

Journal article

Davenne T. et al, (2019), Eur J Immunol

A dual role for SAMHD1 in regulating HBV cccDNA and RT-dependent particle genesis.

Journal article

Wing PA. et al, (2019), Life Sci Alliance, 2

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