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Magnetic resonance imaging


HESS A. et al, (2020)

Motion correction methods for MRS: experts' consensus recommendations.

Journal article

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Left Ventricular Flow Analysis.

Journal article

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Cardiac gating using scattering of an 8-channel parallel transmit coil at 7T.

Journal article

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Diaphragm position can be accurately estimated from the scattering of a parallel transmit RF coil at 7 T.

Journal article

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Combined fMRI-MRS acquires simultaneous glutamate and BOLD-fMRI signals in the human brain.

Journal article

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Hexagonal gradient scheme with RF spoiling improves spoiling performance for high-flip-angle fast gradient echo imaging.

Journal article

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Inherited Aortopathy Assessment in Relatives of Patients With a Bicuspid Aortic Valve.

Journal article

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Large dynamic range relative B1+ mapping.

Journal article

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In the presence of a patent foramen ovale paroxysmal embolism risk increases with non-vortical right atrial blood flow.

Journal article

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