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Peter Yeow

About me

I am a DPhil student funded by A*STAR Singapore under the National Science Scholarship. I am also affiliated with St Cross College. My DPhil project has led to the identification of a novel synthetic lethal gene interaction in breast cancer, providing a strong rationale for the targeting of a key kinase involved in centrosome biology and mitosis. Prior to this, I was in the p53 Lab Singapore investigating peptides that could reactivate the frequently mutated p53 tumour suppressor protein, supervised by Dr Walter Goh and Sir David Lane.  

Research interests : Therapeutics, cancer genetics, breast cancer, mitosis, centrosomes

Yeow, Z.Y., Lambrus, B.G., Marlow, R. et al. Targeting TRIM37-driven centrosome dysfunction in 17q23-amplified breast cancer. Nature 585, 447–452 (2020).

Zheng, X. T., Goh, W. L., Yeow, P., Lane, D. P., Ghadessy, F. J., & Tan, Y. N. (2019). Ultrasensitive dynamic light scattering based nanobiosensor for rapid anticancer drug screening. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 279, 79-86. doi: