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Muhammad Siddique

Principal Data Scientist

Machine Learning, Statistical Modelling, Medical Imaging, NLP


Dr Siddique is Principal Data Scientist in the Oxford Translational Cardiovascular Research Group. 

He has MSc and PhD degrees in Engineering from Imperial College London and has experience of working both in industry and academia. He is a committed professional with over 18 years of experience in scientific computing, machine learning, statistical analysis, software development, and medical image processing. He has also contributed to 70+ research articles. The explored research areas include building predictive models, medical image segmentation, quantification of tumour heterogeneity, static and time series dynamic analysis of PET/CT/MRI modalities. He also has experience of big data architecture including Apache Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Sqoop, Kafka, Cassandra, Talend, Mapreduce etc. He is excellent software developer using Python, Matlab, C++, Java. Currently his research interests include developing an AI-powered technology that predicts cardioembolic stroke by analysing the atria/periatrial space using standard CCTA performed in clinical care. His expertise include automated segmentation, quantification and classification of of peri-vascular adipose tissue, segmentation of pericardium, coronary arteries and plaques employing state of the art deep learning techniques and radiomic analysis.