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Jason Tong - Rorsman Oxford RDM

Research groups

Jason Tong

BSc (Hons I), MPhil

DPhil Student

Jason is currently studying for a DPhil within Professor Patrik Rorsman’s Lab based at the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM) at the University of Oxford, which he commenced in 2020. Prior to this, he worked with Professor Peter Thorn in the Charles Perkins Centre, at the University of Sydney. His research interest is primarily in diabetes, using and developing advanced imaging techniques to uncover new insights into islet function and dysfunction in disease.

His work focuses on combining novel and complex models of islet function, with high-speed and high-spatial fidelity live-cell microscopy to investigate the intricacies of inter-islet signalling.


TRAN, C., HALLAHAN, N., KOSOBRODOVA, E., TONG, J., THORN, P. & BILEK, M. 2021. Plasma Surface Engineering to Biofunctionalise Polymers for β-Cell Adhesion. Coatings, 11, 1085.l doi:

MA, W., CHANG, J., TONG, J., HO, U., YAU, B., KEBEDE, M. A. & THORN, P. 2020. Arp2/3 nucleates F-actin coating of fusing insulin granules in pancreatic β cells to control insulin secretion. Journal of Cell Science, 133. doi:

Extracurricular Activity