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James (Junxi) Liu


I have been working as a senior research associate focusing on causal effects of sleep traits on diabetes risk with the use of Mendelian randomization methods in the MRC/IEU, University of Bristol since Dec 2019. It is my honour to be offered the Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the University of Oxford for my second postdoctoral job in Dec 2022.

So far, I have conducted 3 related projects. One paper was published in the Diabetes Care journal in April 2022, which identified self-reported insomnia caused higher blood sugar level. The following two projects explore effects of the accelerometer-derived sleep traits on glyacemic traits and potential non-linear effects of sleep duration on glyacemic traits respectively. They are on the track of ready to submit and internal review, respectively.

My future research working with Prof Zhengming Chen will focus on type 2 diabetes molecular phenotype and mechanism applying genomic approaches across diverse populations (e.g., UK population and Chinese population). It is promising to step into this new postdoctoral fellowship that provides me chances to learn from and work with world-class researchers in both Oxford and Novo Nordisk.