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Ikboljon Sobirov

AI Scientist and DPhil Student

  • PhD Student
  • AI Scientist in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Research Scientist Fellow at Caristo Diagnostics Ltd.

Radiotranscriptomic-based cardiovascular biomarkers for precision medicine

Ikboljon Sobirov is an AI scientist and a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford. Concurrently, he holds a position at Caristo Diagnostics through an industrial fellowship, translating academic research to industry applications. He is instrumental in crafting a cutting-edge radiotranscriptomic platform to engineer tailored imaging biomarkers, leveraging machine learning to refine diagnostic precision and prognostic capabilities in cardiovascular care. This endeavor aims at refining machine learning models for segmentation, uncertainty quantification, radiomic and transcriptomic data analysis, and prognosis, which are vital for the early diagnosis and intervention of cardiovascular diseases, thereby enhancing the prospects of precision medicine.


His academic background is rooted in computer vision, with a Master of Science degree from Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, and a Bachelor of Science Honors in Business Information Systems from the University of Westminster, Tashkent. As a seasoned professional with four years of professional experience in machine learning for the healthcare sector, he offers a fusion of technical expertise and strategic perspective to the industry.


Ikboljon's academic achievements include securing full grants/scholarships/fellowships for his Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral studies, coupled with achieving top academic scores. His research has been published in several high-impact venues, including MICCAI and various peer-reviewed medical imaging journals.