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Pancreatic β cells are electrically excitable and respond to elevated glucose concentrations with bursts of Ca(2+) action potentials due to the activation of voltage-dependent Ca(2+) channels (VDCCs), which leads to the exocytosis of insulin granules. We have examined the possible role of nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NAADP)-mediated Ca(2+) release from intracellular stores during stimulus-secretion coupling in primary mouse pancreatic β cells. NAADP-regulated Ca(2+) release channels, likely two-pore channels (TPCs), have recently been shown to be a major mechanism for mobilizing Ca(2+) from the endolysosomal system, resulting in localized Ca(2+) signals. We show here that NAADP-mediated Ca(2+) release from endolysosomal Ca(2+) stores activates inward membrane currents and depolarizes the β cell to the threshold for VDCC activation and thereby contributes to glucose-evoked depolarization of the membrane potential during stimulus-response coupling. Selective pharmacological inhibition of NAADP-evoked Ca(2+) release or genetic ablation of endolysosomal TPC1 or TPC2 channels attenuates glucose- and sulfonylurea-induced membrane currents, depolarization, cytoplasmic Ca(2+) signals, and insulin secretion. Our findings implicate NAADP-evoked Ca(2+) release from acidic Ca(2+) storage organelles in stimulus-secretion coupling in β cells.

Original publication




Journal article


J Biol Chem

Publication Date





21376 - 21392


TPC1, TPC2, diabetes, endosome, insulin, lysosome, nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NAADP), Animals, Calcium, Calcium Channels, Cells, Cultured, Endosomes, Glucose, Insulin, Insulin-Secreting Cells, Male, Membrane Potentials, Mice, Mice, Knockout, NADP