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Last week, four researchers from Professor Leeson’s group within the Oxford Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, reached the final of the Young Investigator Awards at EuroPrevent 2015 in Lisbon.

Researchers from Cardiovascular Medicine reach the final of the Young Investigator Awards at Europrevent

EuroPrevent is the leading international conference on cardiovascular prevention within the European Society of Cardiology and this was a record number of investigators to have reached the finals from a single research group. Grace Yu’s work on the endothelial cell biology of offspring of hypertensive mothers was presented alongside work from (left to right in picture) Ross Upton on the application of novel echocardiographic computational shape analysis tools, Harry Boardman on the long term cardiovascular risk in mothers who suffer pregnancy complications and Wilby Williamson’s meta-analysis of physical activity for blood pressure control in young people.

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