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Pan-cancer Genome Analysis: In the Clouds?

Journal article

Orlando G. and Mead A., (2020), The Hematologist, 17

Insight into genetic predisposition to chronic lymphocytic leukemia from integrative epigenomics

Journal article

Speedy HE. et al, (2019), Nature Communications, 10

Association analyses identify 31 new risk loci for colorectal cancer susceptibility.

Journal article

Law PJ. et al, (2019), Nat Commun, 10

Identification of recurrent noncoding mutations in B-cell lymphoma using capture Hi-C

Journal article

Cornish AJ. et al, (2019), Blood Advances, 3, 21 - 32

Promoter capture Hi-C-based identification of recurrent noncoding mutations in colorectal cancer

Journal article

Orlando G. et al, (2018), Nature Genetics, 50, 1375 - 1380

Capture Hi-C Library Generation and Analysis to Detect Chromatin Interactions

Journal article

Orlando G. et al, (2018), Current Protocols in Human Genetics, 98, e63 - e63

Genetic Predisposition to Multiple Myeloma at 5q15 Is Mediated by an ELL2 Enhancer Polymorphism

Journal article

Li N. et al, (2017), Cell Reports, 20, 2556 - 2564

WEE1 inhibition selectively kills histone H3K36me3-deficient cancers by dNTP starvation

Conference paper

Pfister SX. et al, (2016), CANCER RESEARCH, 76

Inhibiting WEE1 Selectively Kills Histone H3K36me3-Deficient Cancers by dNTP Starvation.

Journal article

Pfister SX. et al, (2015), Cancer Cell, 28, 557 - 568

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