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Proteostasis and resilience in the mechanically-stressed vascular endothelium

Journal article

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Mechanisms of endothelial flow sensing

Journal article

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Eukaryotic initiation factor 6 regulates mechanical responses in endothelial cells.

Journal article

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A key role for the novel coronary artery disease gene JCAD in atherosclerosis via shear stress mechanotransduction.

Journal article

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The guidance receptor plexin D1 is a mechanosensor in endothelial cells.

Journal article

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Mechanical Regulation of Protein Translation in the Cardiovascular System.

Journal article

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To Fuse or Not to Fuse.

Journal article

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Haemodynamics Regulate Fibronectin Assembly via PECAM.

Journal article

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Cardiovascular disease: A turbulent path to plaque formation.

Journal article

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Endothelial Mechanosignaling: Does One Sensor Fit All?

Journal article

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Pulling on my heartstrings: mechanotransduction in cardiac development and function.

Journal article

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Vessels With Cingulin Are Leakproof.

Journal article

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Cardiac contraction activates endocardial Notch signaling to modulate chamber maturation in zebrafish.

Journal article

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