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Cell scientist to watch – Anjali Kusumbe

Journal article

Anjali K., (2023), Journal of Cell Science, 136

Type H blood vessels in coupling angiogenesis-osteogenesis and its application in bone tissue engineering.

Journal article

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Lymphatic vessels in bone support regeneration after injury.

Journal article

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Oestrogen enforces the integrity of blood vessels in the bone during pregnancy and menopause.

Journal article

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Lymphatic endothelia stakeout cryptic stem cells.

Journal article

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Fundamentals of bone vasculature: Specialization, interactions and functions.

Journal article

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Heterogeneity and Dynamics of Vasculature in the Endocrine System During Aging and Disease

Journal article

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The Role of Vasculature in Cancer Stem Cell Niches


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Diversity of Vascular Niches in Bones and Joints During Homeostasis, Ageing, and Diseases.

Journal article

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Bone Vasculature and Bone Marrow Vascular Niches in Health and Disease.

Journal article

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Bone Angiogenesis and Vascular Niche Remodeling in Stress, Aging, and Diseases.

Journal article

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Role of angiocrine signals in bone development, homeostasis and disease.

Journal article

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Angiocrine signals regulate quiescence and therapy resistance in bone metastasis.

Journal article

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Endothelial proteolytic activity and interaction with non-resorbing osteoclasts mediate bone elongation.

Journal article

Romeo SG. et al, (2019), Nat Cell Biol, 21, 430 - 441

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