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A massive thank you must go to everyone who attended and presented at this year's OCDEM Day, helping to make the day a success.

The day started on a high with our plenary session given by Professor Rury Holman entitled: "Putting the UK Prospective Diabetes Study into perspective" showing how, 15 years since its initial publication, this ground-breaking study is still as relevant to the diabetes community as it ever was.

OCDEM Day 2014 Rury Holman

Throughout the rest of the day we were treated to a series of talks representing disciplines from across OCDEM. With topics ranging from new ways to improve clinical treatment, moving on to how basic research is providing insights into common metabolic and endocrine disease and finishing on how advances in beta cell physiology and transplantation are helping the fight against diabetes.

OCDEM Day 2014 Katharine Owen

We finished our programme with the annual OCDEM Debate in the afternoon. After a fiery exchange of words, OCDEM voted almost unanimously against the motion "That direct-to-consumer genetic testing will have a positive effect on people's health". Thank you to all who spoke and to the audience for being so vocal and holding out until the end of the day.

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2015!!!

OCDEM Day 2014 Debate
OCDEM Day 2014 Audience

Further photographs from the event can be viewed here