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The scanners are large cylinders with a hollow space running through the middle which is open at both ends.

You will usually be asked to lie on your back, our staff will make you as comfortable as possible before placing you in the scanner.

Depending on the type of scan you are having extra equipment (called a coil) will be placed on your body. For example if you are having a heart scan a chest coil will be placed over your chest area, you will also be given headphones to wear.

Once you are in the scanner and completely comfortable, the scanner operator will leave the room and go to the adjoining control room. There is a large window between the rooms so they can see you inside the scanner. There are microphones around so if you speak the scanner operator will hear you, the operator will talk to you throughout the scan, and you will hear them through the headphones. You will also be given a button to press if you feel unwell and need to get out of the scanner quickly.