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Young Adult Cardiovascular Health sTudy (YACHT)

The purpose of the YACHT study is to help understand more about how cardiovascular health and blood pressure are influenced by our birth histories.

Exercise and blood Pressure Study Oxfordshire (ExPresSO)

The Exercise and Blood Pressure Study Oxfordshire is inviting young adults (18-40 years old) born at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford to provide measures of blood pressure, physical activity and give details on their lifestyle.

Trial of Exercise to Prevent HypeRtension in young Adults (TEPHRA)

We are conducting this trial to learn more about hypertension in young adults and to better understand how exercise acts to reduce blood pressure.

Effect of Prematurity and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy on Offspring Cardiovascular Health (EPOCH) Study

The purpose of the EPOCH study is to help understand more about how the development of the cardiovascular system is influenced by our birth history.

The CHAPTER (Cardiovascular Health Assessment of Preterm and TERm-born children) study

The purpose of the CHAPTER study is to help understand how complications during pregnancy, such as preterm birth, affect how childrens’ hearts and blood vessels develop.


EVAREST is CCRF-led multi-centre trial which aims to identify and validate novel blood and imaging biomarkers of potential value for consistent and accurate interpretation of stress echocardiography.

Hypertension management in Young adults Personalised by Echocardiography and clinical Outcome (HyperEcho)

The purpose of the HyperEcho study is to identify novel cardiovascular imaging phenotypes which may help in improving and personalising the management of young adults with hypertension.

Physician Optimised Post-partum Hypertension Treatment (POP-HT) trial

This trial is looking at the impact that blood pressure control has on women who have had a hypertensive pregnancy (pre-eclampsia or gestational hypertension). We plan to assess whether blood pressure self-management at home can improve blood pressure control and, whether any reduction in blood pressure in these first few months after giving birth can reduce the long-term effects these conditions have on the heart, brain and blood vessels.