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The aim of the MRC MHU is to understand how mature blood cells are normally made from stem cells and how this is perturbed in common blood disorders. Ultimately our purpose is to improve the management of patients with inherited and acquired blood diseases. Martin Phelps

The majority of applicants to the DPhil in Medical Sciences apply to work with a specific Principle Investigator (PI) on a predefined project. A list of projects available for entry in October 2018 can be found below.

If you want your application to be considered for funding through the RDM Scholars Programme your application must be submitted in full by 12 noon (midday) on Monday 8 January 2018.

Information on funding is available and you can review information on how to apply.

If you are applying for an external scholarship and need to know the outcome of your application before the main January admissions period, please contact us.

We encourage applicants to contact their prospective supervisors to discuss projects and their suitability to carry out research in advance of application. In any particular year, some PIs choose not to advertise any projects. If you are particularly interested in working with a specific PI and no project is listed, please contact them directly to enquire as to whether they will be offering projects or accepting students in October 2018.

The list below is alphabetical by project title. If you prefer to view projects thematically use the links below.

View projects in: Cancer BiologyCardiovascular ScienceDiabetes, Metabolism and EndocrinologyExperimental TherapeuticsHaematology and PathologyImmunology and Infection or Stem Cells and Developmental Biology.

View projects using: Cellular and Molecular BiologyCellular and Preclinical ImagingClinical ImagingClinical Studies and TrialsComputational Biology, Statistics and BioinformaticsEmerging Therapies and Drug Discovery or Genetics, Genomics and Genome Biology.

You can also find projects through the supervisor's profile page or through group pages.


Project Title Primary Supervisor Additional Supervisors Project Code
AMMF Funded Project: An integrated analysis of proteomics and metabolomics in cholangiocarcinoma to identify pathways for target development programme Shijie Cai David Kerr CLS06
Actin cytoskeleton-mediated force generation during T-cell activation investigated by advanced (super-resolution) microscopy Christian Eggeling Marco Fritzsche IMD01
Advanced Image Analysis of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance T1-maps Stefan Piechnik Vanessa Ferreira CVM01
Airway and Muscle Gene Transfer to Create Therapeutic Protein Factories Stephen Hyde Deborah Gill CLS01
AKR1C1 as a therapeutic target in non-alcholoic fatty liver diease and hepatocellular carcinoma Jeremy Tomlinson Leanne Hodson DEM01
Analysis of blood stem cell lineage specification in mammalian development Marella de Bruijn WIM14
Analysis of De Novo Mutations in the Human Testis Anne Goriely Andrew Wilkie WIM01
Analysis of lipid and lipid-anchored protein organization at the T-cell surface using novel super-resolution (STED-FCS) microscopy Christian Eggeling Simon Davis IMD02
Analysis of lipid-antigen assisted T-cell activation using live-cell super-resolution (STED) microscopy Christian Eggeling Vincenzo Cerundolo IMD03
Application of pharmacological, gene silencing and cell biological techniques to explore the effects of the gut hormone GLP-1 on glucagon release Reshma Ramracheya Patrik Rorsman DEM02
Assigning Functional Mechanisms to a New Coronary Artery Susceptibility Gene Gillian Douglas Keith Channon CVM02
Biophysical mechanisms of Cardiovascular T1 mapping Stefan Piechnik Vanessa Ferreira CVM03
Brown adipose tissue WNT signalling as a therapeutic target for obesity and type 2 diabetes Constantinos Christodoulides Fredrik Karpe DEM03
Cardiac energetics as a translational target for heart disease Craig Lygate Stefan Neubauer, Sevasti Zervou CVM04
Causes, distribution and consequences of valvular heart disease: analyses of large-scale datasets Kazem Rahimi Dexter Canoy, Fatemeh Rahimian CVM05
Characterisation of molecular pathways of differentiation in normal human lympho-myeloid differentiation using a systems biology approach Paresh Vyas Claus Nerlov WIM02
Characterisation of Viral OncoProtein (VOP) and Tumor specific Protein (TSP) specific T cell responses in HPV virus associated Cervical and head-neck Cancers Tao Dong Yanchun Peng IMD04
Chromatin remodeling and gene expression Richard Gibbons Douglas Higgs WIM03
Combining genome-editing in human IPS cells with Type 2 diabetes genomics to decipher mechanisms for islet dysfunction Anna Gloyn DEM04
Controlling malaria through manipulating iron transport Hal Drakesmith IMD05
Controlling monocyte and macrophage function in cardiovascular inflammation and regeneration Robin Choudhury David Sims CVM22
Defence and Counter-defence: The interplay between Zika virus and the immune system Jan Rehwinkel IMD13
Defining human hepatic insulin resistance Leanne Hodson Katherine Pinnick DEM05
Design and Implementation of CRISPR/Cas9-Based Prosthetic Gene Networks for Research and Therapeutic Applications Tudor Fulga WIM04
Developing a framework for precision medicine in a complex trait Mark McCarthy DEM06
Development of Gene Therapy & Gene Editing for Lung Disorders Deborah Gill Stephen Hyde CLS02
Engineered induced pluripotent stem cell lines for phenotypic selection of cardiac cell types Katja Gehmlich Ben Davies CVM06
Epigenetic programming of hematopoietic stem cells and their progeny Claus Nerlov Douglas Higgs, Sten Eirik Jacobsen WIM05
Exome and whole genome sequencing to identify new genetic causes of skull malformations Andrew Wilkie Stephen Twigg WIM06
Exploring the role of vascular redox signalling in human atherosclerosis progression Charalambos Antoniades Keith Channon CVM23
Exploring the role of Z-disk structure and signalling for striated muscle integrity with the help of genome-edited mouse models of cardiomyopathy Katja Gehmlich Hugh Watkins CVM07
Exploring the relationship between DPP-IV inhibition and PYY mediated control of hyperglycaemia in health and diabetes by means of biochemical, cell biological and metabolomic techniques Reshma Ramracheya Patrik Rorsman, John Ryan, Angus Jones DEM07
Functional analyses of newly implicated genes for inherited heart muscle diseases Hugh Watkins CVM08
Functional genomic analysis of genetic susceptibility loci for coronary artery disease Hugh Watkins CVM09
A gene editing approach to identify tumor suppressor genes in acute myeloid leukemia and modeling of AML in human hematopoietic stem cells Claus Nerlov Paresh Vyas WIM16
Go with the Flow: An integrative approach to study cardiovascular disease Ellie Tzima CVM10
Heterogeneity of heritable risk in coronary disease Martin Farrall CVM11
How do cranial sutures work? Andrew Wilkie Stephen Twigg WIM07
Human Model of DS-AML: Identifying mechanisms of differentiation arrest leading to Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Paresh Vyas Irene Roberts WIM08
Identification of the atrial transcriptional signature of patients who develop atrial fibrillation Barbara Casadei CVM12
Identifying new molecular players determining metabolic disease risk and susceptibility to osteoporosis  Constantinos Christodoulides Fredrik Karpe DEM08
Identifying novel genetic causes of pituitary cancers Rajesh Thakker Kate Lines, Mark Stevenson DEM09
Identifying novel therapeutic strategies for endocrine cancers Rajesh Thakker Kate Lines DEM10
Imaging in Preventive Cardiology Research Paul Leeson CVM13
Impact of De Novo Mutations and Mosaicism in Human Disease: Applications to Non-Invasive Diagnostic Techniques Anne Goriely Andrew Wilkie WIM09
The impact of IFITM3 genetic variation on virus infection, immune responses and disease outcome Tao Dong Danielle Wellington IMD06
The influence of dietary fatty acids on regional adipose tissue development and function Leanne Hodson Katherine Pinnick DEM11
Investigating innate immune signalling with CRISPR-Cas9 screens Jan Rehwinkel IMD12
Investigating the role of calcitonin in electrophysiological function in cardiomyocytes Svetlana Reilly Ming Lei CVM14
Investigating the role of non-coding RNAs in fibrogenesis Svetlana Reilly Craig Lygate CVM15
In vivo modelling of mutation order and oncogene addiction in myeloproliferative neoplasms Adam Mead Claus Nerlov WIM10
Iron deficiency and immunity Hal Drakesmith IMD07
Mechanisms of leucocyte migration via the lymphatics in immunity and inflammation David Jackson IMD08
Microscopy-based analysis of lipid and lipid-anchored protein organization at the T-cell surface Simon Davis Christian Eggeling IMD09
Molecular mechanism of familial partial lipodystrophy Fredrik Karpe Katherine Pinnick DEM12
New combinations of immune-checkpoint inhibitors to treat cancer Simon Davis Vincenzo Cerundolo IMD14
Niche determinants required for leukaemic and normal stem cell function Paresh Vyas Claus Nerlov, Andrew Smith WIM11
Red cell and iron metabolism: using genetic and functional studies and CRISPR/Cas9 to identify of causal variants for blood cell phenotypes David Roberts CLS03
Restless Legs Syndrome: investigating the physiological pathways associated with RLS David Roberts CLS04
Role of CD1a-restricted T cells in human inflammation and translational development of new therapies to treat allergic disease Graham Ogg IMD10
The role of hematopoeitic stem cell heterogeneity in hematopoietic emergency responses Claus Nerlov Sten Eirik Jacobsen WIM12
Role of homoarginine in cardiac health and disease Craig Lygate Sevasti Zervou CVM17
Role of Innate Lymphoid Cells in skin inflammation Graham Ogg IMD11
A role of long non-coding RNA loc554202 in atrial fibrosis Svetlana Reilly Craig Lygate CVM18
The role of the transcription factor Nuclear Factor I/X (NFIX) in the pathogenesis of Marshall-Smith Syndrome (MSS) Rajesh Thakker Kreepa Kooblall DEM13
Screening for novel mechanosensors in cardiovascular disease Ellie Tzima CVM19
Single cell analysis of malignant stem cell clones in myelofibrosis Adam Mead WIM13
Specifying Neural Crest Cell from 'Scratch' Tatjana Sauka-Spengler WIM17
Stratified management of blood pressure: analysis of large-scale observational data and individual patient data meta-analyses of blood pressure lowering trials Kazem Rahimi Dexter Canoy, Roberto Ayala Solares CVM20
Studying blood stem cell development through single cell and lineage tracing analyses Catherine Porcher WIM15
T Regulatory cells and the outcome of bone marrow transplantation: understanding variation in circulating Tregs David Roberts CLS05
Whole genome sequencing to identify new disease genes for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Hugh Watkins CVM21