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11β-HSD1 contributes to age-related metabolic decline in male mice

Journal article

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A randomised fractional factorial screening experiment to predict effective features of audit and feedback

Journal article

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Device-assessed sleep and physical activity in individuals recovering from a hospital admission for COVID-19: a multicentre study

Journal article

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DTX-P7, a peptide–drug conjugate, is highly effective for non-small cell lung cancer

Journal article

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Extracellular vimentin mimics VEGF and is a target for anti-angiogenic immunotherapy

Journal article

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Serum metabolome associated with severity of acute traumatic brain injury

Journal article

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Noninvasive Plaque Imaging to Accelerate Coronary Artery Disease Drug Development.

Journal article

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Utility of Human Relevant Preclinical Animal Models in Navigating NAFLD to MAFLD Paradigm

Journal article

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Preclinical Models of Neuroendocrine Neoplasia

Journal article

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The effects of fasting on ischemic infarcts in the rat


Schneider AM. et al, (2022)

CNL and aCML should be considered as single entity based on molecular profiles and outcomes.

Journal article

Carreño-Tarragona G. et al, (2022), Blood Adv

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