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We assessed the association of periodic breathing (PB) with mortality and hospital re-admissions in a large sample of patients enrolled in the European Community study HHH (Home or Hospital in Heart failure). A 24-hour cardiorespiratory recording was carried out in 443 clinically stable heart failure (HF) subjects (age: 60±11 years, NYHA class 2.4±0.6, LVEF 29±7%). We computed the apnoea/hypopnea index (AHI, events/hour) and the duration of PB (hours) during night-time and tested their association with total cardiac death (Cox regression) and hospitalization for worsening HF (logistic regression). All analysis were multivariate adjusting for known clinical/functional risk factors. AHI and PB duration were independent predictors of cardiac death (p < 0.02 both) and of recurrent (≥ 2) hospital readmissions (p=0.04 and 0.003 respectively). This study confirms the independent predictive value of PB and provides evidence that PB is associated with a higher risk of multiple hospital re-admissions.


Journal article


Computers in Cardiology

Publication Date





837 - 840