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STAIR XII (12th Stroke Treatment Academy Industry Roundtable) included a workshop to discuss the priorities for advancements in neuroimaging in the diagnostic workup of acute ischemic stroke. The workshop brought together representatives from academia, industry, and government. The participants identified 10 critical areas of priority for the advancement of acute stroke imaging. These include enhancing imaging capabilities at primary and comprehensive stroke centers, refining the analysis and characterization of clots, establishing imaging criteria that can predict the response to reperfusion, optimizing the Thrombolysis in Cerebral Infarction scale, predicting first-pass reperfusion outcomes, improving imaging techniques post-reperfusion therapy, detecting early ischemia on noncontrast computed tomography, enhancing cone beam computed tomography, advancing mobile stroke units, and leveraging high-resolution vessel wall imaging to gain deeper insights into pathology. Imaging in acute ischemic stroke treatment has advanced significantly, but important challenges remain that need to be addressed. A combined effort from academic investigators, industry, and regulators is needed to improve imaging technologies and, ultimately, patient outcomes.

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3190 - 3201


cerebral infarction, ischemic stroke, neuroimaging, reperfusion, thrombectomy, Humans, Brain Ischemia, Thrombolytic Therapy, Ischemic Stroke, Thrombectomy, Stroke, Neuroimaging, Treatment Outcome