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Aims: (a) To explore how mobile technology can support self-management in adults with type 1 diabetes (T1DM). (b) To inform a usability study in the design of a mobile application to facilitate self-management of T1DM. Design: Qualitative exploratory design. Methods: Semi-structured interviews were undertaken with adults with T1DM (N = 8). The data collected were analysed using a thematic analysis approach. Results: Mobile technology has the potential to support adults in their self-management of T1DM through facilitating their decision-making, saving time and enabling them to easily share their data with their healthcare professional. Participants identified four main visualization characteristics for technology to aid in decision-making; relationships between inputs, trends, graphs and colours, and identified essential features such as ease of use, convenience and connectivity.

Original publication




Journal article


Nurs Open

Publication Date





1013 - 1021


mobile applications, nurse, nursing, qualitative research, self‐management, support, technology, type 1 diabetes T1DM, visualizations