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William Rayner

BSc (Hons); PhD

Data Manager

My work is focussed on the storage, processing, quality control and delivery to users of the very large data sets now being generated in the genomics field.  With studies rapidly expanding to include many hundreds of thousands of people, tens of millions of variants and potentially thousands of phenotypes, the need for efficient methods to assist researchers in managing this data and their analyses is ever more pressing.  I have developed a wide range of programs and systems to check, store and process the multitude of different data types using a combination of databases, Perl programs, scripting and publicly available tools.   These programs include those to check and summarise very large phenotype files, such as the ones now available from the UKBioBank, programs to validate data files both pre- and post-imputation using the latest HRC reference panel, as well as files for all the common genotyping chips to update the strand orientation and genomic position. All of these are publicly available for the research community and are used extensively by researchers worldwide.   I also provide support, software, data and experience of data handling and QC to affiliated groups, national and international collaborators in addition to the main research group.  I also work with Eleftheria Zeggini's group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute providing assistance with the phenotype collection and data handling of isolate populations.  Previous to my work at Oxford University I worked as a bioinformatician and senior bioinformatician at Oxagen and Oxford BioMedica respectively.

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