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Will Woodward

BSc (Hons)

Clinical Research Assistant

I joined CCRF as a Clinical Research Assistant in April 2018. I am part of the Leeson group, working on the TEPHRA (Trial of Exercise to Prevent Hypertension in Young Adults) and EVAREST (Extracellular Vesicles at Rest and Stress) studies. 

EVAREST is a large, multi-centre, observational study run out of CCRF, initially investigating the use of blood biomarkers in stress echocardiography. However, more recently it has been investigating the application of artificial intelligence in the interpretation of stress echocardiography. Within this study, I am involved in the recruitment of patients and data collection from the stress echo clinics at the John Radcliffe and Horton Hospitals. I also work with a number of other sites and coordinate the return of data into CCRF and its subsequent analysis.

TEPHRA is an interventional study investigating the effect of exercise on blood pressure in young adults and whether it could be a potential intervention for the prevention of hypertension. Within TEPHRA, I am involved in the recruitment and screening of participants, as well as carrying out study visits (performing blood pressure and Vicorder analysis, ECG, venipuncture, gait analysis, retinal imaging, spirometry and CPET).

I am also currently learning echocardiography and have the opportunity to scan participants from a wide range of studies.