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Victoria Stokes

BA (Hons); MA (Cantab); MB BChir; MRCP

Clinical Research Fellow

I am a Specialist Registrar in Diabetes and Endocrinology and was awarded a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellowship in 2016 for my DPhil project entitled 'The role of the Adaptor Protein-2 Sigma Subunit (AP2σ) variants in calcitropic and non-calcitropic disorders'. This work explores the biology of G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) function, focusing on the calcium sensing receptor (CaSR) and its components. In particular I have studied the role of AP2σ which is involved in clathrin mediated endocytosis of the CaSR as mutations of this gives rise to hypercalcaemia and have been implicated in non-calcitropic disorders.

I am also interested in medical education and have been a Clinical Lecturer at Somerville college for the past 4 years. I regularly provide bedside teaching, lectures and tutorials to medical students and junior doctors, and more recently have adapted my teaching to suit an online learning environment.  

Prior to starting my fellowship I graduated from the University of Cambridge with an intercalated BA in Pathology (2004), MB BChir (2007) and MA (Cantab) (2008). I completed my general professional training (MRCP) in 2010 and my Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE) in 2013. 

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