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Vanessa Gregory

Head of Informatics, Diabetes Trials Unit

Vanessa Gregory is Head of Informatics for the Diabetes Trials Unit. She is responsible for managing the Informatics team to provide IT support and solutions for clinical trials conducted by the unit.

She is also responsible for developing and maintaining the UKPDS Risk EngineUKPDS Outcomes Model and HOMA calculator. She designs and develops software used internally in DTU, writing multi-user programs for data management, process control and information systems, and assists in the development and maintenance of the DTU network and servers.

She joined the DTU in 2008, after 18 years working in the software industry. Her past experience includes development of commercial application software for web design, desktop publishing and risk analysis, on a wide-range of programming systems and platforms. Her specialties are multi-lingual software, implementation of mathematical models and parallel computing. She has a degree from the University of Oxford in mathematics and philosophy.

Software Applications

Development and maintenance of the following DTU software applications.

UKPDS Outcomes Model

A computer simulation model for estimating the long-term impact of health interventions for people with type 2 diabetes. It been used in a range of research, clinical and commercial applications worldwide, as well as by NICE.

UKPDS Risk Engine

The UKPDS Risk Engine provides risk estimates and 95% confidence intervals, in individuals with type 2 diabetes not known to have heart disease, for fatal and non-fatal CHD and stroke.

HOMA 2 Calculator

The HOMA 2 Calculator provides quick and easy access to the HOMA2 model for researchers who wish to use model-derived estimates of steady state beta cell function (%B) and insulin sensitivity (%S).

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