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My connections

Toni Baeumler

MSc, BSc

DPhil Student

Toni studied for his Biochemistry and Molecular Biology undergraduate degree in Germany (U of Jena), United Kingdom (U of York) and Taiwan (NTHU). He pursued his graduate studies in Germany (U of Goettingen, International Max Planck Research School) and Sweden (Karolinska Institutet). During his Master's thesis in the lab of Prof. Goran Anderssons, he determined targets and potential inhibitors of tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase in a breast cancer cell line-based system.

Toni has been a DPhil student in the Fulga Lab since April 2014. His main research interest lies in applying novel genome engineering technologies to the development of therapeutic approaches for human disease (cancer, autoimmune disease, etc). He is currently working on a receptor-based strategy to engineer synthetic signalling pathways in eukaryotic cells.

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