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Theodosios Kyriakou

PhD, MSc (Med Sci), BSc (Hons)

Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  • College Lecturer

Functional Investigation of Cardiovascular disease associated genes.

I have completed my undergraduate and MSc studies in Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics in the University of Glasgow before embarking on a PhD investigating regulation of CRHR2 gene expression at the University of Warwick.

In the Procardis group, Radcliffe Department of Medicine I lead the functional investigation of genes associated with Cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease risk is determined by a complex interplay of environmental and genetic factors. Using Genome wide association studies (GWAS) we have identified more than 60 genetic variants associated with increased disease risk.

High-throughput, systematic RNAi knock-down in vascular wall cell types is one of the functional genomics tools I am using to identify novel genes within CAD-associated loci not previously known to be involved in CAD but which have large cellular effects of known relevance to atherosclerosis when knocked-down.

I am using complementary cell model systems and high-throughput genomics to experimentally identify and characterize the molecular and cellular mechanisms through which CVD associated genetic variants and genes increase cardiovascular risk.

In addition, based on our GWAS findings I have generated two primary knock out murine models that in collaboration with colleagues in the division are used to understand how the KIAA1462 and PHACTR1 genes are linked to atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease.

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