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Sam Stephen


Research Assistant

I am passionate about collaborative atmosphere to promote scientific research. I am a veterinarian by training. I specialised in trauma care surgery for small animals. A couple of years into practice, I moved to Texas A&M university, USA to do biomedical research with a focus on the molecular interplay between maternal placental tissue and the early embryo during the implantation phase. Specifically, I worked on interferon-tau and prostaglandin-F2alpa as potential mediators of this interphase. Following this, I moved to Warsaw, Poland to continue my research on the endocytic control of interferon-alpha induced antiviral response in mammalian cells. Currently in Oxford, I am interested in understanding the mechanism by which bariatric surgery exerts its therapeutic benefits in type 2 diabetes by employing cutting- edge techniques. Additionally, I supervise the radiation work carried out in the division and provide training to doctoral and post-doctoral candidates in local policies, procedures and laboratory techniques. I support our research team with Human Tissue Act (HTA) compliance.

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