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Richard Barker

Visiting Professor of Sustainable Medical Innovation

  • Founding Director of CASMI

Professor Richard Barker is the founding director of CASMI and has been instrumental in its inception and launch. He is a strategic advisor, speaker and author on healthcare and life sciences. Richard's 25-year business career has spanned biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical informatics both in the USA and Europe. Most recently he was Director General of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, member of the Executive Committee of EFPIA (the European industry association) and Council member of IFPMA (the international equivalent). His past leadership roles include head of McKinsey's European healthcare practice, General Manager of Healthcare Solutions for IBM and Chief Executive of Chiron Diagnostics. He was also Chairman and Chief Executive of Molecular Staging, a US bioscience company, now part of Qiagen. In addition to leading and advising a wide range of companies, Richard has advised successive UK governments on healthcare issues, and in particular, on developing, valuing and using new healthcare technologies. His was co-founder of Life Sciences UK, a member of the NHS Stakeholder Forum, and vice-chair of the UK Clinical Trials Collaboration. He is also Chairman of Stem Cells for Safer Medicines, a public-private partnership developing stem cell technology for predicting the safety profile of new medicines, and a board member of iCo Therapeutics, a Canadian bioscience company. Richard's book on the future of healthcare; '2030 The Future of Medicine: Avoiding a Medical Meltdown', is published by Oxford University Press. He speaks frequently on the future of the life sciences, new medical technology and the restructuring of our healthcare systems.

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