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Rachel Franklin

RGN; BSc (Hons); MSc

Research Nurse Manager

I joined the Clinical Research Unit, OCDEM as a Senior Clinical Research Nurse in 2011 and have recently taken on the role of Research Nurse Manager. 

Throughout my time in the CRU I have worked on many studies investigating both the outcomes after pancreas transplantation and a method of establishing predictors to identify pancreas grafts at the highest risk of failure. More recently I have been involved with studies exploring the effect of GLP-1 agonists in type 1 diabetes and fatty liver disease. 

I have had the opportunity to work on many academic and commercial studies which has given me a wide range of experience in all aspects of research delivery. In addition I have developed further specialist clinical skills traditionally performed by a doctor. Procedures include Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (Dexa) scans, use of ultrasound, insertion of adipose tissue microdialysis, work with stable isotopes and anthropometric measurements. This expertise has enabled delivery of reliable research outcomes that positively influence and contribute to high standards of patient care, at the same time, facilitating a safe and efficient experience for research participants within the unit. I completed my MSc in Nursing Studies (Leadership in Clinical Practice) at Oxford Brookes University in 2016.  

For my dissertation I was invited to be involved with the Computer Scientist Group at Oxford Brookes in the development of a mobile app to aid self-management of type 1 diabetes. I had the opportunity to present my findings at both the International Nurses Day conference and the Altogether Better Health Conference in 2016. 

I am a member of the Research Network Committee, a group which actively aims to bring together research staff within the Trust and University to learn from each other and foster collaborative practice, education and learning.