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Naomi Gray


  • Administrator for the Oxford Centre for Haematology and Biomedical Research Centre for Haematology and Stem Cells

Naomi’s background is in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, from where she went on to work in industry for Serotec (later Bio-Rad) as a Product Manager and Licensing Assistant, then a variety of roles in the NGO sector including involvement in health education projects on field in South Asia and in the UK.

Returning to academia in 2015, Naomi joined the Malaria Atlas Project at the Big Data Institute (BDI), University of Oxford serving Professor Peter Gething, with involvement in data management, epidemiological research assistance, communications management, and a coordination role in compiling data for the World Malaria Report, produced by the WHO.  

Prior to starting at the MRC WIMM, Naomi served as EU Scientific Project Manager for Instruct-ERIC, a structural biology consortium operating across multiple sites in Europe, leading a booster project alongside Prof Ray Owens and Dr Susan Daenke. Spearheading the Horizon 2020 Instruct-ULTRA project coordination team, and with an overall budget of € 3.9 M, she used effective cross-cultural communication and team building strategies to encourage the active participation of the sixteen European partners and four third parties. Naomi also created two new roles at the Instruct-ERIC hub, who she line managed. Her main contributions to the Instruct-ULTRA project were in financial management, reporting, creating communications strategies, collaborating with industry partners, developing new research infrastructure services and facilitating new international partnerships including within Europe, South Africa, South America and South Asia. She also coordinated working groups for sustainability and business planning, authoring several key reports and policy documents.

In 2020 Naomi worked closely with the COVID-19 Protein Portal Consortium, where she co-designed a website and provided agile management, interfacing with many stakeholders including Wellcome, MRC, UKRI, Diamond and Rosalind Franklin Institute to quickly define the user pathway, website MVP and various policies, terms and conditions. She also co-designed and co-created the Instruct-ERIC COVID resource centre