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Maryam Alsharqi


DPhil Student

I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia where I completed my undergraduate degree in Cardiac Technology at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University. Following this I was honoured to work in academia at the same university, teaching cardiovascular science and training junior students in echocardiography and cardiac catheterisation. After completing a year of teaching experience, I was awarded a scholarship to complete my studies abroad and earned a master degree in Medical Ultrasound (Echocardiography) from Imperial College London. My MSc research focused on the assessment of left ventricular twist mechanics and left atrial function in patients with high blood pressure.

Currently, I am pursuing my DPhil in Cardiovascular Medicine under the supervision of Prof Paul Leeson and Dr Adam Lewandowski. My DPhil focuses on applying intelligent computational tools for early prediction of cardiovascular risks in young adults to prevent harmful consequences of high blood pressure. I am working on the Trial of Exercise to Prevent HypeRtension in young Adults (TEPHRA), and leading the Hypertension management in Young Adults Personalised by Echocardiography and Clinical Outcome (HyperEcho) study. I am also working in collaboration with other groups on Maternal and perinatal Health Research collaboration, India (MaatHRI), and Oxfordshire Women and Their Children's Health (OxWATCH) trial.