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Maria Carena


DPhil student

I joined the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine in 2013, as a doctoral student within the Marie Curie RADOX ITN program, with a focus on the role of microRNAs in the cross-talk between epicardial adipose tissue and the myocardium in humans with a particular interest in redox signalling.

miRNAs can act as paracrine signalling molecules in response to specific stimuli,  suggesting a possible role in the cross-talk between epicardial adipose tissue and atrial myocardium as well as the regulation of downstream targets. I aim to identify specific miRNAs released by epicardial adipose tissue that could be used as novel biomarkers of myocardial damage and as tools for the identification of new mechanisms involved in the pathophysiology of the heart.

Previously, I obtained my degree in Biology Applied to Biomedical Research at University of Milan (Italy) in 2010 and worked one year at the Vascular Biology and Regenerative Medicine Division at Centro Cardiologico Monzino IRCCS-Milan. From 2012 I worked as a researcher at the Department of Cardiology, Internal Medicine Clinic III, Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany).