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Mahesh Appari


Postdoctoral Researcher

Mahesh studied Master of Science (M.Sc) in Biotechnology at G.G.U., India and Master’s (M.S) in Molecular biology at the University of Skövde, Sweden and Karolinska Institute, Sweden. He received his Ph.D from Christian-Albrechts University, Germany.

Subsequently, he completed Post-doctoral fellowships at UMASS medical school, USA; Heidelberg University, Germany and Hannover Medical School, Germany.

Currently, he is working as a Post-doctoral Scientist at Oxford University and he studies molecular and cellular basis of human diseases, in particular Diabetes and heart failure. He uses a range of cutting edge techniques to elucidate disease mechanisms including: transcriptomics, image/data analysis, genome engineering and human stem cells and standard cell and molecular biological techniques. His research interests are summarized in the following manuscripts (Appari  M, et  al .,  ARS,  2017;  Appari  M, et al ., Circ  Res, 2017;  Appari M,  et al .,  Int J Oncol,  2014;  Appari M, et al .,  JMM,  2009).

Mahesh is a recipient of prestigious and highly-competitive  research prizes, e.g. German Cardiac Society (1st prize) and German Society of Endocrinology (1st prize) and gave oral presentations at several German and international research meetings.

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