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Lucy Trelfa

BSc (Hons)

Research Assistant

I am a research assistant in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, working under the supervision of Dr Gillian Douglas and Prof Keith Channon. I graduated from the University of Leeds in 2014 where I gained a particular interest in cardiac disease, following on to perform a lab-based dissertation project investigating right ventricular heart failure. I now support British Heart Foundation funded research into the initiation and development of vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and ischaemia. My main expertise focuses on utilising a range of histology, immunohistochemistry and microscopy techniques to study vascular pathologies, such as endothelial cell dysfunction, altered inflammatory cell functions and cholesterol transport. I am able to perform these analyses using both paraffin and frozen sections, seeing the complete process through from tissue preparation and sectioning, to multiple labelling and image analysis and quantification.

Outside of the lab, as a STEM ambassador, I enjoy volunteering at science public engagement events with families and students. I find encouraging and enthusing young people with STEM subjects a rewarding part of my career and it's great fun!

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