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Lucy Kingham

AMIIC Operations Manager

I have been working for the University of Oxford since 2019, after moving here from a research nurse role at University Hospital Southampton NHSFT.

After I completed my PGDip in Nursing at University of Southampton in 2013 I worked as an Intensive Care Nurse until 2017, when I made the transition into research nursing.

When I moved  to Oxford in 2019 I worked as a Clinical Research Nurse at the Jenner Institute where I was involved in the phase I/IIb vaccine trials for TB, Malaria, HIV, and COVID 19.

In 2020 I took on a position as Project Manager for the Oxford Risk Factors And Non-invasive imaging (ORFAN) study, run by Prof Antoniades. The ORFAN study is a multi-centre, observational study looking to investigate whether biomarkers of metabolic risk can predict atherosclerosis disease progression or major adverse cardiovascular events.

Most recently I have taken on the role of Operations Manager for AMIIC (Acute Multidisciplinary Imaging and Interventional Centre), which is a clinical and research facility based at the John Radcliffe Hospital.