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Louise Dennis

RGN; BSc (Hons); MSc

Clinical Research Nurse

  • Deputy Manager

I joined the Metabolic Research Group in February 2000 as a Clinical Research Nurse and Deputy Manager of the Clinical Research Unit, OCDEM.  When I first joined the group I was involved in the recruiting of first study participants to the Oxford Biobank and we have now recruited over 8000 participants.  

I have subsequently worked on a number of detailed metabolic research studies and developed my role into that of a Specialist Research Nurse. Within the Clinical Research Unit I have been trained in specialised procedures traditionally viewed as the domain of the study doctor. 

Procedures include specialist cannulation of the supra inferior epigastric and saphenous veins, use of ultrasound, adipose tissue biopsies, work with stable isotopes, Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (Dexa) scans, Flow Mediated Dilatation (FMD) and anthropometric measurements. 

These skills have allowed me to be involved with the training of research teams within the UK and internationally. I completed my MSc in Advanced Health Care Practice at Oxford Brookes University in 2006. The topic of my dissertation was 'A critique of the concept of metabolic syndrome: Its use and implications for clinical practice and research'. 

I was able to compare four definitions for metabolic syndrome and assess prevalence within a study population using data from the Oxford Biobank.

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