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Laurel Edmunds

PGCE, BSc (Hons) MSc, PhD

Senior Research Fellow

I work in three overlapping areas: a multi-faceted European project, leading systematic reviews and researching the development of innovations from healthcare research.  

My main role is leading the STARBIOS2 (Structural Transformation to Attain Responsible BIOSciences) project. This aims to improve Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and we are all working towards writing guidelines about how to promote RRI for bioscience organisations across Europe. The consortium includes five other European centres (Rome, Bremen, Gdansk, Sophia and Primorska) as well as three international partners (from Maryland, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town). I also have a mentoring role with Primorska University, Slovenia.  

The group undertakes reviews of the published literature.

1. We look at how women fair in academic medicine to illustrate how more can be encouraged into this career path.

2. We review stroke treatments to improve practice and one of our reviews was used as evidence in the latest guidelines. My previous research was about obesity, particularly in children, and included interview-based studies and reviews. I still get invited to speak at international conferences. This was followed by my heading up the research in an Oxford-based business management consultancy. I rejoined the University in 2011 to work on an EU project HealthTIES (Healthcare Technological Innovation and Economic Success) looking at assessing the development of regional biotechnology clusters.  

I am an adviser to the European gender improvement project called TRIGGER (TRansforming Institutions by Gendering contents and Gaining Equality in Research) at Birkbeck, University of London. In Oxford, I was part of the Advisory Group for the Women in Science interview project.

Female scientists in Oxford say there's still gender inequality in science