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Laura Herdman

BSc Hons

Clinical Research Technician

I joined the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine in 2014 and have since worked here as a clinical research technician in the Antoniades research group.

My main role is to recruit patients who are due to undergo open heart surgery for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) or valve repair/replacement to the AdipoRedOx study. I perform a number of ultrasound scans pre-operatively including Flow-Mediated Dilation (FMD) and echocardiography. I am responsible for the analysis of images and the accurate input of demographic, clinical and imaging data collected. After CABG surgery I organise participants to have a 6 week and 3 year post-op Computed Tomography Angiogram (CTA) to assess their graft patency after surgery.

I also work with other clinical and CT projects under Prof Antoniades which involve innovative image analysis, patient recruitment and long term follow up. I work with a variety of staff members in the University Department and the Cardiothoracic Directorate within the OUH NHS trust.