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Nancy Spagou

BSc (Hons); MSc; PhD

Operations Manager

As CCRF's operations manager, I am responsible for the operational running, as well as the business, financial, personnel and regulatory aspects of CCRF. I work closely with the Clinical Director to develop, coordinate and manage research activity within the facility, including development of new research activity, through identification and coordination of new research funding applications, and assisting with management of these projects. My role also involves planning and implementation of a long-term strategic development program for the research facility, engaging stakeholders and managing publicity, as well as being the point of contact for the investigators and research groups within the University and the OUH NHS Trust.  

I joined CCRF and the University of Oxford in 2016 having previously worked as a researcher for several years at Imperial College London, Division of Computational and Systems Medicine at the Department of Surgery and Cancer. My research work was focused on the discovery and development of metabolic biomarkers of vascular disease (Chronic Venous Disease, Venous Ulceration and Deep Vein Thrombosis) in personalised healthcare and population studies in the context of metabolic phenotyping- metabonomics/metabolomics.