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Kazem Rahimi


Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

  • Deputy Director, The George Institute UK
  • James Martin Senior Fellow in Essential Healthcare
  • Honorary Consultant Cardiologist

Kazem Rahimi is an Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Oxford. He is a cardiologist, epidemiologist and health services researcher with interest in prevention and management of chronic disease. He has led the design, coordination and reporting of multi-centre randomized trials, collaborative meta-analyses and large-scale observational studies that have investigated the burden, causes and management of cardiovascular diseases. He is the Director of the Oxford Martin programme on Deep Medicine which is using some of the largest and most complex biomedical datasets that have ever been collected to generate insights into complex disease patterns, risk trajectories and treatment effects. Through collaboration of interdisciplinary researchers with expertise in healthcare (eg digital health, cardiology and neuroscience), biomedical data (eg EHR and imaging), and advanced machine learning (eg deep learning) high-impact insights into management of chronic diseases are being sought.

Prof Rahimi is also the Chief Investigator of a UK-based digital health trial of home monitoring and management of patients with heart failure and leads the international Blood Pressure Lowering Treatment Trialists’ Collaboration (BPLTTC).

As the Deputy Director of George Institute for Global Health at Oxford, he leads a team of researchers who are working towards practical and affordable solutions to the unmet healthcare needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations globally. He holds an adjunct Professorship from the University of Sabzewar, Iran and has been a member of the Global Burden Disease collaboration.

He is the Cardiology Specialist Consulting Editor of the PLOS Medicine and an Associate Editor of the BMJ Heart. Professor Rahimi acknowledges funding support from the Oxford Martin School, UK National Institute for Health Research, Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust and the British Heart Foundation.