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Katie Suriano

Bsc Hons, PhD

Programme Manager

As Programme Manager for the MRC Programme Grant, HyPrevent, Katie manages the research projects within the programme, which links together research groups in the UK, South Africa and North America. This includes two new studies in the department, CLARITY (Cardiovascular Longitudinal ALSPAC Research Investigations following hyperTensive pregnancy in Young adulthood), which aims to understand heart and blood vessel changes of people born to a hypertensive pregnancy once they are in their 20s and 30s; and HELPFUL (Hypertension Explored in Long-term Post-partum Follow-Up in Later Life), which is investigating any changes in heart, brain and blood vessels in women 10-25 years after a hypertensive pregnancy.

Katie is also responsible for coordinating and managing the CHAPTER study (Cardiovascular Health Assessment of Preterm and Term-born children), a paediatric study examining how complications during pregnancy, such as preterm birth, affect how childrens’ hearts and blood vessels develop. She also manages the #SELFIE study (Study From Early Life with Follow-up Into Early adulthood), a study investigating the structure and function of the heart and how it responds to exercise in preterm born young adults. 

Katie has a PhD from The University of Western Australia, and prior to working at Oxford University, has worked in both clinical and research settings in Australia for many years.